Rules of Conduct

  1. We expect all participants, students, Rotarians, staff and property to be treated with respect.
  2. No mixing at any time of males and females in bunkhouse quarters.
  3. No personal vehicles at Camp. (Rotarians provide all transportation.)
  4. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during camp sessions, and must be restricted to after-hours personal time only.
  5. E-Cigarettes are not to be used at any time at the camp.

Grounds for Expulsion from Camp

  1. Possession of drugs or alcohol, or being under the influence of such substances.
  2. Failure to obey directions of chaperones, staff, or Camp directors.
  3. The unauthorized leaving of Camp property.

If you are in violation of any of the above you will be expelled from the camp and your parents or guardian will be asked to pick you up at the Camp.

The Camp Enterprise Experience!

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