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  1. All students, Rotarians, staff and participants should be treated with respect.
  2. Being under the influence or possession of e-cigarettes, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs of any kind are not permitted.
  3. Use of cellular devices are not permitted during camp sessions.
  4. No personal vehicles at camp (Rotarians will provide transportation).
  5. No students are permitted to leave campgrounds unauthorized

Casual and athletic clothing suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking. This includes a warm winter jacket, sweater and outdoor running shoes/ hiking boots. Bedding or sleeping bag is required. Do not bring any valuable items


Small snacks are allowed to be brought to camp. Note: All snacks must be nut free as the YMCA is a nut free facility.

What are the accommodations like?

Cabins are furnished with private washrooms and showers, linens, 2 bunk beds, large windows, adjustable heaters.  Down the hallways there are common games rooms and conversation areas.  

Is there smoking, alcohol, or drugs allowed?

there is zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs.  Smoking is only permitted in specified areas on the property

Are there chaperones?

There are Rotarian volunteers during the day circulating around the camp.  After 10 pm there are two teams (male and female) of Rotarians or parents that remain in the bunkhouse overnight. 

Can I leave the camp?

Campers are not permitted to leave the property unless a written note is provided by a parent.

Can I bring my cellphone.

Cell phones are permitted but we would ask that you use them as little as possible and they be turned off completely during presentations and at night.

What is the food like?

YMCA can accommodate any dietary restriction.  There is a variety of foods to balance the meal including fresh breads, fruit, vegetables, salad options, yogurt, etc.  Lots of options for everyone to enjoy.  Healthy snacks are available through


Cedar Glen is a YMCA outdoor learning center located just east of Bolton that boasts 263 acres in a beautiful, natural setting. It is a year-round facility that offers lodging, sports activities, event and meeting space 


To bring together enthusiastic students, Rotarians and business professionals to learn more about business enterprise.

How are the students selected?

Students apply through the online registration form and are interviewed to be sure they understand the purpose of the camp, expectations, and a chance to ask questions they may have.

How does the weekend work?

Students are picked up from their respective high school on Thursday afternoon. They will miss a day of school on Friday and must notify all appropriate people. The camp begins with ice-breakers and a chance to get settled into cabins. There is a speaker scheduled for that evening. Groups are formed for small business discussions and presentations. The weekend is scheduled around speakers, working groups, sports and wellness activities. You are driven home on Sunday after lunch

Where do you get the speakers?

Often they are Rotarians who own their own business or have referred an excellent presenter to the committee.  We incorporate past Camp Enterprise alumni into the program along with Interactors or Rotoractors to speak about their experiences. Business professionals are also part of the resource or speakers panels.   

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